The very first memory I can recall

Hot water spilled over me when I was 100th days old.

My mother was preparing formula for me. She left the uncapped hot-water bottle beside my bed and went to get the formula. There was nobody immediately around, so I naturally must’ve been practicing mixed martial arts or something… and made the bottle topple over me. I got some blisters & mom got an earful.

Of course this part of the memory is what I’ve been told. I have no recollection of any of those factual details. What I actually do remember of that event, is:

I’m in distress. I’m at a certain section of our house. There are “a few units” (humans as silhouettes) of my head-side on the top-right.

Distress part is meh. The certain part of the house where I remember it to have happened checked out when I verified with elders later on. It’s also a proof of non-reconstructed memory, cause no one discusses the location of the event, as it’s not an important factor in that discussion; as well as that part of the house went through renovation/layout-changes when I was still a toddler. So remembering the old layout itself is quite an old memory.

Then the most interesting part about the silhouettes… When I look back now, I can count 3 likely-female shadow-figures, without any distinguishable facial/physical features. As an afterthought, I connect them with my Grandma, Mom & maid/nanny. Of course they didn’t come in together, or just stood in there watching me, but that’s how the picture is etched into my memory.


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